Waymo is Google’s self-driving car division. After more than seven years of research and development of self-driving technology (SDT) this is the result. It makes sense, Google itself has barely gotten into the manufacturing game. The Google Pixel is the only mass-produced bit of hardware you can buy from Google. What Google seem to be doing is turning all the knowledge they have on SDT and creating a platform like Android.

The reason this is incredibly smart on the part of Google, is that the established car manufacturers are starting to realise the importance of SDT. But, they don’t want to start their research from scratch and be 7 years behind. Google can give them all the expertise they don’t have with SDT and Google doesn’t have to concern themselves with the car manufacturing industry. So it’s really beneficial for both parties and as mentioned this is a model that works very well for Google, given Android is now the dominant OS on mobile.

Perhaps in 5 years Google will decide to manufacture their own vehicles, like they have with the Pixel. we use the word vehicles here on purpose, as the personal transport industry will undergo a rapid transformation over this period. Waymo may eventually start to work on personal transports drones.


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