Apple Inc. is a consumer electronics company based in Cupertino, California in the United States. It is known for its flagship product the iPhone. It is the most cash-rich company in the world with over $190 billion in the bank.

What may seem like a strength can actually reveal a long-term weakness. If Apple is not spending its money on developing new products and diversifying it could easily stagnate. Apple’s other problem is its hater-base. The more competition there is in the market, and the more people feel Apple is “overpriced”, the more difficult it will be to pull customers back after an Apple product hiatus.

So why is Apple considered one of the Big 6 if it isn’t investing in futurist products? (it is, but we’ll get to that) its largely because of how much credit Apple should be given for changing the world through innovative consumer electronics. The smartphone as it is today is because of Apple, our mobile app-driven world is because of Apple. They are also not afraid to take unpopular moves (which really gets the haters all fired up). For example, to get rid of the headphone jack and a move to push wireless headphones. In our opinion, it’s about time that outdated technology was removed from our lives.

Apple is a secretive company though so we cannot be 100% sure on what they are working on. If the rumours of an Apple Car turn out to be true, that will elevate their status in the Big 6. While Tesla will be the Ford of the new age, any Apple Car would be more akin to Bently or Mercedes. Apple are also no doubt working on more wearables. Apple AR tech will come in the form of glasses (Apple Glass or Apple Lens) and there is Apple VR tech on the way (Apple Virtual?).

Apple is a multi-trillion-dollar company. If shareholders want that value to continue to grow over the coming decades, VR, AR and Autonomous Vehicles are the only way to do that.


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