Alphabet Inc. is the parent company of Google, which was founded in 2015 to allow diversification away from the Google brand. However, it is unlikely that any regular member of the public will ever refer to the company as Alphabet.

Alphabet could be known by us as The Futurists Conglomerate because of the industries it is diversified in and has the capital to push these industries to where we see they need to be. Alphabet controls the following:

  • Calico (Life extension and health technologies)
  • Deepmind (Deep Learning and Advanced AI)
  • Google (Search, Youtube, Home AI)
  • Nest (Smart Home)
  • Waymo (Driverless vehicles)
  • X (Moonshot and Space Technologies, Green Technologies)

This list is almost a perfect checklist of where we want futurist technologies to go. Alphabet has the finances, experience and reputation to succeed in each and every one of the futurist industries they are trying to tackle. However, there are limited products and services from this list so far.

Alphabet is a trillion-dollar company, and internal social issues aside shows no sign of taking a back-seat to our technological future.

Futurist Analysis
100 %
65 %
95 %
100 %
Public Perception
75 %
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