Welcome to The Futurist hub.

Here we attempt to predict the unpredictable. We try and anticipate what the future will look like based on trends, speculation and a little bit of science.

We can look at anything from a few months in the future, to 1000 years into the future and beyond. We try to strike a balance between not getting caught up in the hype and ignoring exponential technological growth (ETG). As hype creates unrealistic expectations and forces investment into areas not ready for it and ignoring ETG makes people unprepared for what’s to come. This is particularly critical for individuals who refuse to re-train and re-educate themselves for future professions and lifestyles.

So take a look around. Treat the dates as speculative, but we will continue to update them as more information becomes available.

Let us know of new sources of information and if you agree with our predictions.

The Futurist Hub Team