amazon Inc (AKA Amazon) is primarily the internet’s go-to e-commerce website, at least in the west.  The company is based in Seattle, Washington in the United States. However, in the last decade, Amazon has proven itself to be a master of diversification. Their Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud computing platform has dominated in certain sectors and is one of the best platforms for startups. In addition, Amazon launched Amazon Prime Video (APV) and should now be causing beads of sweat at Netflix. Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s CEO, is also another pioneering space billionaire, so we also have to factor in Blue Origin into this equation. Blue Origin looks to be a strong contender to Elon Musk’s SpaceX. It is worth bearing in mind Jeff is more than 5.5 times richer than Musk, so in the battle of the billionaires, Jeff has the upper hand.

Getting back to Amazon, with an ambitious, progressive, starward looking CEO and revenue of over $135 billion dollars Amazon cannot be ignored as one of the most future-making companies. One product, in particular, is at the beginnings of bringing us “The Home of the Future”, which is of course, the Amazon Echo and Alexa. With enough penetration and strong growth in the smart home market, Alexa could be one of the most dominant AI assistance in our lives*.

Amazon will be a contender for the title of first trillion dollar company. In our opinion, it is likely to be the company that takes this title. Apple is not so good at spending money on investments and diversification, whereas spending as much as possible, without making a loss,  has been Amazon’s business strategy for a long time, and it has worked phenomenally well so far. Because of Amazon’s brand, the company also has a good public perception, meaning getting feedback on new products is much easier, which allows quicker upgrades and improvements. This ultimately leads a market leading product.

Futurist Analysis
95 %
80 %
95 %
100 %
Public Perception
95 %
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